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Folk and world music is of great importance to many and FOLK TRAD NOW, to be held this week in Stockholm, is a conference that aims to protect and develop the scene for future generations.

Folk music has a rich and important history in Europe and for many cultures is still an essential part of their national identity. KMH – the Royal College of Music in Stockholm will present the conference FOLK TRAD NOW from the 18th to the 22nd April.

A number of institutions have quite comprehensive folk music educational programmes and students and teachers are invited to attend the conference from the Nordic countries, the Baltic states and Ireland. 

The conference is organised and hosted by KMH’s Department of Folk Music who have out together a stimulating programme of seminars, workshops, performances and concerts for conference attendees as well as the general public.

   The impressive venue of FOLK TRAD NOW, the new                     Royal College of Music in Stockholm                         Picture: CC BY-SA 4.0 by F. Fouganthin      

Though steeped in tradition, folk music is constantly evolving to reflect the changing times. The essential nature of folk music is to tell stories of every day life and the human experience and much of today’s folk music is still doing this but with a contemporary approach. The conference aims to address the challenges of preserving the history and tradition of folk music while at the same time, ensuring it progresses into the modern age in a sustainable way. 

The conference theme ‘Folk Trad Now - creative artists making the tradition’ accurately encapsulates this idea. Professor and Head of the Department of Folk Music at KMH, Susanne Rosenberg explains, “The theme is focusing on the fact that we as folk musicians always shape our music constantly, it is constantly changing, in constant dynamism with our contemporary lives”.   

FOLK TRAD NOW will be held at KMH’s beautiful new campus that the school has just recently moved into. There will be 17 participating higher education insitutions at the conference and hundreds of guests attending. The conference highlights will be public concerts each night from 7pm Wednesday to Saturday and dancing on Friday night. There will also be public seminaries daily at 4pm.      

FOLK TRAD NOW will be held from April 18th to April 22nd at Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. You can read more about the conference on the FOLK TRAD NOW website.  

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