folkBALTICA 2015

30.04.2015 |

folkBALTICA will present a number of extraordinary concerts ranging from folk to jazz and world music in the German-Danish border region from 6th to 10th May. Over 30 events at 27 different locations by Nordic and Baltic musicians can be expected.

For the 11th time the festival of Nordic and Baltic traditional music culture folkBALTICA will take place in the German-Danish border region. It provides a unique stage for music ranging from traditional folk to jazz and world music by artists from the Baltic Sea Region as well as the British Isles and the Netherlands. All in all the festival will offer 30 happenings at 27 different locations in Germany and Denmark from 6th to 10th May, including not only the concerts but also other events such as the Nordic Ball, a meet the artists program, lectures and two workshops.

This year’s thematic focus will be “North Sea/Baltic Sea” to which the opening concert is devoted with an extraordinary program composed and produced by artistic director Harald Haugaard. On stage at the Alsion in Sønderborg will be among others the folkBALTICA-Ensemble, Nikolaj Busk from the folk band Dreamers’ Circus, Irish flutist Brian Finnegan, violinist Peter Uhrbrand and this year’s artist in residence Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, violinist and componist from Denmark who will also be present at the artist meeting at Flensburg Maritime Museum. Further highlights of the festival will be the performances of Sofia Karlsson, who is seen as one of the most successful Sweden singers and started her career at the folkBALTICA festival in 2006, Johanna Juhola with her Tango Orkesteri and the formation Baltic Crossing

In the course of the festival there will also be a lecture by Gary Funck, chairman of the Committee of Culture of the Sønderjyllland-Schleswig region, on the issue of culture in the German-Danish border region and the meaning of cooperation between its majority and minority groups. Furthermore, this year’s festival offers two workshop sessions for instrumental music: “Music from Lithuania” by the young band ByTikZy and “Shetland Fiddle” by Kevin Henderson. Also a school concert for the preschool to the third grade will form a part of the festival. To subscribed schools will be sent sheets of music to study with the kids who will be visited by a part of the folkBALTICA-Ensemble, the Dansk band Tumult and Frisian trio Kalüün.   

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