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For the 10th time, folkBALTICA is providing the people in and around Flensburg (Germany) with a various series of folk concerts from May 7 to 11.

This year, the festival follows the motto “10 years, 10 countries and 10 bands”. For the very first time, folkBALTICA features also music from outside the Baltic Sea Region, presenting six ensembles from the diverse countries along the Amber Road.

Dreamers Circus | Ard Jongsma
Dreamers Circus | © Ard Jongsma

The festival presents one genre in its fascinating diversity: the program ranges from traditional to contemporary folk, from soft and powerful singing to vivacious musicians raising the roof. The focus on “the voice” is set to stage in a brilliant way, e.g. by the Norwegian singer Sigrid Moldestad, German songwriter Erich Schmeckenbecher, Lithuanian choir Trys Kerturiose (whose singing is in the UNESCO's World Heritage list) and the Italian diva Etta Scollo.

Besides the many concerts, the festival also provides a singing workshop, a dance afternoon, a presentation and a special exhibition on amber and the Amber Road at the Flensburg Maritime Museum. In addition, the cinema “51 Stufen” shows the film “The Singing Revolution”, a documentary on the liberation of Estonia in 1990/1991.

For more information, visit the official website:

folkBALTICA Press Conference 2014   trio Rosenrot | (c) Friedhelm May
folkBALTICA Press Conference   trio Rosenrot | © Friedhelm May

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