Open Call for Photographers for Fotofestiwal 2021

19.11.2020 |

Photographers are welcome to apply for this year’s Fotofestiwal to present photography art at Łódź in Poland. Fotofestiwal aims to present art whilst talking and discussing social problems.

Fotofestiwal 2021 is taking place from 10 to 17 June 2021. The Fotofestiwal is one of the first polish photography events. It exists since 2001 and took place every year except for 2020. It is one of the most relevant photo festivals in Europe, the main core never changed: presenting art in various ways and showing the beauty of the town of Łódź, the home town of the Fotofestiwal, mixed with talking about important social issues.

For this Fotofestiwal the organisers are looking for six artists who want to present their art for 20.000 visitors of the festival. The six winners will get an artist fee of 400 EUR, accommodation for the main weekend, reimbursement for travel costs of up to 200 EUR and an exhibition production budget of 450 EUR. Artists with exceptional personality and projects with bold visions can apply until 20 December 2020.

The Fotofestiwal was an initiative of students and lecturers of the Sociology Department. Since then, photography and ways of organizing cultural events have transformed. The same has been true for Fotofestiwal itself – the festival has a different perspective towards the program, the viewer’s needs have changed. Fotofestiwal remains a space for presenting various forms and types of photography, a forum for discussion about art and society, a motivation to search for alternative methods of discussing and exhibiting photography.

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