Garage48 Tech for Humanity

08.06.2017 |

The growing movement of hackathons to make the world better will add another to its list tomorrow as Garage48 Tech for Humanity hacks solutions for tragedies with a distinctly human face.

Humanitarian disasters seem to be happening with more and more frequency as the decades pass, affecting the world’s largest and most vulnerable populations on scales that are almost beyond belief, until the next one happens.

Natural disasters, war, hunger and disease have displaced more than 65 million people (United Nations 2016 figures) and the major challenges in any of these events can often be eased, better managed and even prevented simply through the use of better information and technology solutions.

The hackathon’s major partners have identified the essential problems that require innovative solutions and they are:

• Better solutions in logistics, information gathering and distribution
• More sustainable solutions in education and psychological help

How does a Garage 48 Hackathon work? See the video above to find the answers. 

Garage48 was one of the first events of its kind, origination in Estonia and bringing inspiration and innovation to countries such as Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

Garage48 Tech for Humanity in Tallinn will see field experts, developers, designers and marketers working together through a 2-day hackathon to produce innovative technological solutions across 3 primary focus areas – the refugee crisis, aid in natural disasters and aid to developing countries.

The hackathon kicks off on Friday night with ideas pitches and the formation of teams for the weekend. Experienced support people will be on hand throughout the hackathon as participants develop working prototypes to present to the event’s sponsors and partnership representatives. Winning innovations will be put immediately in place in international catastrophe sites and areas of need.

Tech for Humanity is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Välisministeerium and organised in collaboration with Tehnopol Startup Incubator, International Committee of the Red Cross and Global Humanitarian Lab. The events partners are the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Global Humanitarian Lab (GHL), MTÜ Mondo and Terveilm 

Interested participants can book their spot here online and the student discount code ReadyToRock is available for eligible students (student ID must be shown at the hackathon).

Garage48 Tech for Humanity will be held from June 9th to 11th at Tehnopol Startup Incubator in Tallinn, Estonia. You can read more about the hackathon on the Garage 48 website.  

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