German Spring 2014

24.04.2014 |

The land of Schleswig-Holstein in Northwestern Germany collaborates with the Embassy in Tallinn (Estonia) for the German Spring festival, a series of concerts, films, an exhibition, and readings in German. It takes place 21 April through 12 May.

The Goethe Institut, Muthesius Arts Academy Kiel, JazzBaltica Ensemble, the German Embassy in Tallinn and the land of Schleswig-Holstein come together for this festival of music and art. An exchange of culture, dialogue and creative works are the major focus of German Spring.One of the concerts by Swedish musician Nils Landgren and the JazzBaltica Ensemble takes place tonight from 18:00-22:00 at Sadama in Tallinn. All of the music has been compiled and composed specially for this concert at Sadama by the Ensemble. JazzBaltica has been established in 1991 as a jazz ensemble bringing together musicians from multiple Baltic Sea Region nations. The series of concerts by JazzBaltica for German Spring continues in various locations around Estonia, including Tartu Jazz Club.

In addition to the concert series, lovers of the German language can practice or brush up their skills with a literature seminar and a program of German films with Estonian subtitles.

Since 2010 Germany and Estonia have presented German Spring to strengthen ties across borders in the Baltic Sea Region. Today this objective remains a constant of the festival and a major actor in establishing cross-border connections in the arts in the Baltic nations.

More information can be found (in German) via Saksa

Kashink | Stencibility Festival 2013   Random street art showing Thobek and Kashink
Nils Landgren | JazzBaltica Ensemble
  Lübeck Holstentor - Main gate to the city

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