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22.05.2013 |

From 27 to 30 June 2013 the ARS BALTCIA accredited project JazzBaltica presents lots of concerts and events at the Niendorfer Evers-Werft and at the Niendorfer Hafen (Germany). Get your tickets now and enjoy a big diversity of Jazz.

Founded in 1991, JazzBaltica was the first accredited project of ARS BALTICA. For over 20 years now, JazzBaltica represented known Jazz musicians and newcomers from all over the world.

The idea behind JazzBaltica is to initiate unique projects and to enable formations of musicians that have never existed before. At JazzBaltica the big names of jazz find the right setting in which to carry out such projects.

This year on 27 June there will be a special concert at the Theodor-Schäfer-Berufsbildungswerk in Husum (Germany). From 28 to 30 June concerts and events will take place at the Niendorfer Evers-Werft and at the Niendorfer Hafen (Germany).

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