- Platform For The Freelance Musicians' Scene in Hamburg

18.05.2020 |

The new platform and digital concert stage,, supports Hamburg's musicians to be visible and the audience to be able to attend high quality concerts. supports musicians in the COVID-19 crisis and provide them with space not only to perform and continue their creative work but also to have an opportunity to earn their income.

Musicians and artists can send their applications to After the examination of applications the selected musicians will receive a slot within the streaming studio. The professional studio of Prof. Wolf Kerschek (professor at the HfMT Hamburg, among others Echo-Klassik and winner of the Hamburg Jazz Prize) will be made accessible free of charge to Hamburg musicians who do not have sufficient equipment themselves. With the help of the additional professional equipment on site, programs can be streamed live and in excellent quality in this studio and a special concert experience can be offered on the platform.

In addition, donations can be collected during the concerts and tickets for future performances can be sold via the portal set up especially for this purpose. The majority of the funds goes directly to the musicians. Also the artists have the opportunity to receive the music and video recordings in a studio quality. is a collaboration between a music studio in Hamburg, a Berlin-based cultural consultancy called Kultursystem, and a non-profit – Jazz Federation Hamburg.

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