International Festival for Children and Youth Kaliningrad

08.03.2018 |

The Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Society will once again present its glorious spring youth festival this month, launching this Saturday 10th and running right through until the end of March.

The International Festival for Children and Youth is an annual event that was launched in the late 1990s to showcase the talent and enthusiasm of the Kaliningrad region’s young people.

The festival creates pathways for children and youth from Kaliningrad and surrounding areas to access and become a part of the philharmonic scene. Organised by the Kaliningrad Children's Philharmonic, under the art direction of Olga Bukhtoyarovam the festival, titled ‘Musical Spring’, brings much-needed spring colour and vibrancy into the city after the long winter.

Performers at the festival range from local new talent to established international guests. Wherever musical education is happening in the Kaliningrad region, those musical institutions are represented in the programme, as a reflection of the strength of the local passion for music.

The festival organisers welcome more than 3,000 audience members to the event each year, to enjoy the talents of over 1,000 performers.  

The International Festival for Children and Youth will be held from Saturday 10th March to Saturday 31st March 2018 in Kaliningrad. For more information see here (only in Russian).

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