JazzBaltica 2012: back to the roots with Baltic Sea artists

19.12.2011 |

The ARS BALTICA accredited JazzBaltica announced the date for the festival in 2012 – with a new director, venue and festival focus.

The Swedish trombone player, singer and composer Nils Landgren has become the new artistic director of the first ARS BALTICA accredited festival ever. The old venue -Schloss Salzau- a state cultural center of the land Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany) was closed in ending 2010.

So together with a new director there was found a new location, too. In the future the festival will be held at the area of the Evers-Werft (shipyard) at the Niendorf harbour (Schleswig-Holstein).

Now that the venue isNils Landgren right next to the Baltic Sea, Landgren announced that the artistic focus is concentrating on the roots of JazzBaltica, the Baltic See Room. The motto of the 2012 season, taking place from 29 June 1 to July, will be “new places, familiar faces”. The program for that edition will be available at the end of April 2012.

ARS BALTICA is happy to announce that good news and wishes Nils Landgren and his team all the best for a good festival season in 2012.

For further information about JazzBaltica, please go here.

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