JazzBaltica: "New places, familiar faces" in 2012

28.06.2012 |

The ARS BALTICA accredited JazzBaltica will continue until 1 July 2012. The new artistic director Nils Landgren, Burkhard Stein of SHMF and Mrs Evers-Hake from the Evers shipyard opened the JazzBaltica and welcomed companions and visitors.

For the first time the festival will take place under the new artistic director Nils Landgren. He took over the direction from Rainer Haarmann. Landgren is a Swedish trombone player and vocalist. He is one of the most successful European jazz musicians.

Since January 2006 he has worked with the NDR Big Band and since October 2006 he bears a professorship at the University of Music and Theatre Hamburg. Nevertheless, he goes regularly on concert tours throughout the world.

Nils Landgren received the German Jazz Award of the Federal Association of Music Industry in 1998. In 2008 he received the German Jazz Award in platinum for his album "Christmas With My Friends".

But not only the artistic direction is new. Also, the venue is a new one!Since its foundation JazzBaltica took place on the ground of Gut Salzau county Plön/ Schleswig-Holstein. After the closing of Gut Salzau last year JazzBaltica will take place in 2012 on the ground of the Evers shipyard in Timmendorferstrand-Niendorf in county Ostholstein.

This year's musical focus is aimed on the Baltic Sea Region / Northern Europe. Popular artists from this region as well as unknown newcomers will present their talent to the audience during the four days of the Festival.

For further, ticket and programme information, please go here.

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