"JazzBaltica": new programme out now! (Germany)

29.04.2011 |

Save the date for this year's edition of the first ARS BALTICA project ever: JazzBaltica 2011 takes place from 1 to 3 July in Salzau and other venues in Schleswig-Holstein!

Under the motto "piano, piano – remembering Esbjörn", Jazz lovers and those who want to become jazz fans are welcome to join this year's edition of the famous "JazzBaltica".

In 2011, the festival stands in remembrance of the deceased Jazz musician Esbjörn Svensson, who was part of the well known "Esbjörn Svensson Trio" which this year would have existed for 20 years.

Therefore, many of his companions and friends as well as artists influenced by him meet in Salzau and other venues to perform together.

The ticket sale for this cultural event from 1 to 3 July starts on 4 May.

For further information on the programme and "JazzBaltica" in general, please click here.

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