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18.10.2010 |

The campaign aims on strengthening the political recognition of arts and culture.

we are more - Culture Action EuropeCulture Action Europe, the umbrella advocacy organisation for the arts and culture in Europe, has launched a new campaign: we are more (2010-2013) will use the upcoming EU political and financial negotiations for the period 2014-2020 as a timely opportunity to develop and sharpen the arguments used when advocating for arts and culture. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to contribute to a strengthened recognition of the role of arts and culture in the development of our European societies.

The concrete campaign objectives focus on improving the quality and quantity of support that the sector receives from two key EU policies (the Culture Programme – providing direct support to cultural co-operation projects, and EU regional development policies – supporting cultural interventions as key contributions to social, economic and territorial development). The aim is for the campaign to function both as an eye-opener for policy-makers at local, regional and national level, and as a mobilisation and professional development tool for the sector.

Culture Action Europe currently has over 100 members that together represent over 50 000 arts and culture players across Europe and beyond – in more than 14 artistic disciplines. The campaign is run in an open source way and provides tools on the campaign website that encourage and facilitate for the entire culture sector as well as individuals to get involved in and support the campaign.

we are more is a positive message that communicates the multiple ways in which individuals, communities and arts organisations do more, and contribute more than is superficially apparent. That means, in the words of Culture Action Europe:

  • The EU is more than coal and steel, we need more than a single market, we are more than mere consumers.
  • We are many organisations built up by individuals who value and act for culture in Europe.
  • We are citizens, parents, arts organisations, lovers of culture, and active participants in society.

Find out more about the campaign here.

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"Culture includes not only culture and arts, but also the way of life and system of values. In this sense culture becomes the major power for intellectual renewal and human perfection." (European Council Report on European Cultural Policy)