Kaliningrad City Jazz Festival

01.08.2018 |

Both locals and visitors will delight in the atmosphere of the Kaliningrad City Jazz festival taking place this weekend from the 3rd to the 5th of August.

The Kaliningrad City Jazz Festival has been a favourite summer festival in the region since its inception in 2006. The festival welcomes local, regional and international artists, who perform in wonderful concert events as well as impromptu dynamic jam sessions. Although jazz is the focal point, there are multiple genre crossovers – from jazz funk to dixieland, bossa nova and soul to ethno and nu jazz.

The festival has become known also as a great family event, especially considering the suitability of its venue at the Summer Theater of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. The festival has had enough practice runs now to have perfected its organisation and everything from the stages to the viewing options, the food facilities, art market and children’s play options runs like clockwork and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing time for the whole family.

The festival aims to improve the Kaliningrad jazz scene by giving performers a chance to play to people who may not normally access jazz music. In turn, those who are new to the form can experience many new and unique styles of music they may not have previously discovered. As well as locals and visitors to the city, the festival also attracts music industry professionals including producers, critics and journalists.

The Kaliningrad City Jazz Festival will be held from Friday 3rd to Sunday 4th of August 2018 at the Summer Theater of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure, in Kaliningrad. The programme can be viewed here online (only in Russian).

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