Momentum 9: Alienation

16.06.2017 |

The Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art returns for its 9th edition: Momentum 9 Alienation this month, with a compelling selection of Nordic contemporary art.

Presenting contemporary art from the Norwegian and Nordic perspective, Momentum uses themes each year to provide a specific context to art in the modern context. Momentum 9 explores the subject of alienation – a feeling experienced by many with increasing frequency in recent times.

The processes and systems we use in our daily lives alienate us from our usual practices, productivity is impacted upon, alienating us from our capacity to achieve as we once did. Technology has become an integral part of daily life and social conventions are transformed as a result of a dramatic shift in our processing and delivery of information.  

Sneak-peek into Momentum 9

Momentum 9 is a platform to explore this alienation of the human condition at a deeper level, using a transdisciplinary focus across 3 specific areas:

  • Bodies, Objects and Technologies
  • Ecology
  • Structures and Societies

The individual works featured in the Biennial present these topics in ways that overlap and interconnect and collectively address the concerns of culture, geography, bio politics and social inequality.

Highlights of Momentum 9 include:

Afrogalactica_from Canada’s Kapwani Kiwanga – a performance series that speculates about the development of a space agency for the United States of Africa in 2058.

Finland’s Museum of Nonhumanity,_ examining the oppression and abuse of various living groups and natural resources when the lines between humans and non-humans are only constructs of human perception.

Artist_Susanne Ussing and architect Carsten Hoff’s collaboration Atelier Cyberspace pioneered cybernetics and computer based creativity as tools to reshape human habitation styles and development.

The 2017 Biennial celebrates international character with a team of foreign curators: Ulrika Flink (SE), Ilari Laamanen (FI), Jacob Lillemose (DK), Gunhild Moe (NO) and Jón B.K Ransu (IS).

Momentum 9 opened on June 7th and runs until October 11th at Galleri F 15 and Momentum Kunsthal in Moss, Norway. You can read more about the Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art on the Momentum 9 website.  

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