NARRACJE 9: Installations and Interventions in Public Space

14.11.2017 |

The Brzeźno district of Gdansk will play host this weekend to the unique artistic festival NARRACJE, where works from Polish and foreign artists will bring a new perspective to the urban landscape.

“NARRACJE. Installations and Interventions in Public Space” was launched in 2009 and has been using popular districts in Gdańsk as its canvas each year. Artists from Poland and beyond create works from a variety of media including performance and large format video projections and transform the urban environment of the chosen neighbourhood from a place of everyday experience to a platform for artistic expression.

This year, for the 9th edition, the district of Brzeźno will be both location and public exhibition space. The integration of the works within the urban space allows viewers to see it from a new perspective, with a different context. Curator Anna Czaban explains. “The ninth edition of the NARRACJE Festival will follow the dream of holidays by the sea, often recalling the pre-war history of the old spa town, but viewing it from a contemporary perspective. This double shift in time – the decades during which Brzeźno gradually lost its charm of a modern seaside location on the one hand, and moving past the summer season on the other – will allow us to look at the most interesting local stories from a different angle and reveal what cannot be seen in the summer bustle. What is the true face of Brzeźno and its inhabitants?”

The event will also include lectures and educational walks as well as workshops for children. Attendees can warm up afterwards at the festival club nights with a unique BYO music approach (cassette tapes with a 90’s focus are preferred!). There will also be live performers and DJs, dancing and mysterious cultural and entertainment activities organised by Maciej Konopiński and Piotr Wyrzykowski.  

Narracje 9 will be held from Friday the 17th to Saturday the 18th of November in the Brzeźno district of Gdansk, Poland. The festival club can be found on both nights in the building of the former Balladyna nightclub from 6pm to midnight. The installation festival is organised by the Gdansk City Gallery (GGM) and Instytut Kultury Miejskiej. You can read more here about Narracje 9.

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