Night of the Museums Estonia

15.05.2018 |

Around 200 museums across Estonia will fling open their doors and light up the skyline this Saturday night as the Night of the Museums returns for ‘Night of Parties’ the theme for 2018.

The Night of the Museums is one of the highlights of the family event calendar for Estonians, with more than 200 institutions across the country staying open late into the night and offering free entry for everyone. The event attracted big crowds last year, with over 110,00 people attending and even more are expected this year.

The evening kicks off at 6pm on Saturday and participating institutions include museums, art galleries, manor houses and more. Visitors can enjoy the museums themselves as well as the special events and programmes, exhibitions, and excursions all focusing on this year’s theme, ‘Night of Parties’. The theme will explore the history behind parties, why we have them, why we enjoy them so much, how different cultures celebrate through parties, and what traditions we hold around celebrating various events and moments in our lives. This of course will all manifest in a great party atmosphere as Estonia’s cities come to life with their beloved cultural icons bursting at the seams with night visitors.   

The Night of Museums is a collaboration between the Estonian Museum Association and the Estonian museums. It will be held this Saturday 19th May from 6pm until 11pm at participating institutions across Estonia. Entrance is free and more information can be found here. To get regular updates (in English) you can also follow the event on its Facebook page and Instagram account.  

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