Night of the Museums

19.05.2017 |

It’s time for the 12th Night of the Museums in Kaliningrad. Starting this evening in Kaliningrad and tomorrow in the museums of the Kaliningrad province, the night is dedicated to the International Museum Day.

This year an exception amount of 28 museums and three additional projects will participate. Each museum prepares its own programme. There will be exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops and encounters with authors. The three additional projects allow participants to discover the city through the eyes of a tourist, from the water and as part of the museum race, a bike excursion through Kaliningrad.  

Some highlights:

The World Ocean Museum presents maritime highlights of the Kaliningrad cuisine. Naturally prepared by the best chefs. Also you can enjoy live-music, discover ships from the inside and virtually travel with Jacques-Yves Cousteaus “Calypso” down the Mariana Trench.

At night, the Kant-Island and the cathedral turn into the INSULA MAGIKA. Spectators will have the chance to enjoy the organ concert by US-American musician Iain Queen, film music performed by the Kaliningrad Symphonic Orchestra, jazz-music by the great jazz-orchestra “Baltica” another organ concert by Mansur Jusupov, which is even more special because of the additional lightshow.

Getting ready for the museum race. On the right a sneak-peak into Vasiljevs "Russian Red Common" exhibition.

Kaliningrad’s Art Hall exhibits „The ecology of life, style and art“, where visitors can build sculptures out of ecologic materials. Moreover, there will be music, films, workshops, photo areas and presents.

The Baltic Department of the Federal Centre for Modern Art shows the works of Kaliningrad’s own Jurij Vasiljev with the title “Russian Red Common”. It’s a cross-disciplinary project that examines the colour red, its connection to Russian history, mentality and culture. In addition, a concert of experimental music by the musicians “Semiconductors” will be performed.

It’s definitely the day to visit Kaliningrad‘s Amber Museum, where special exhibits, that usually are not on display, will be shown to the public. Natural amber pieces as well as unique works from the 18th and 19th century will amaze the visitors’ eyes. After midnight there will also be a fire show.

The Night of the Museums starts today, May 19th and lasts until tomorrow all over the Kaliningrad province. It’s supported by the Kaliningrad’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Click here to find more information: (in Russian).

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