Nordic Larp Talks

20.02.2017 |

Projects, ideas and inspiration for Live Action Role Playing fans is on offer this week at the Nordic Larp Talks in Oslo, in the lead up to the annual Knutepunk conference.

Live Action Role Play or Larp is a Nordic tradition that is celebrated every year at the international conference Knutepunkt. This year the conference will be held from February 23rd to February 26th just outside of Oslo and as a prequel to the conference, the Nordic Larp Talks will be held this Wednesday at the Deichmanske Public Library in Oslo.

The talks will explore ideas and projects on larp themes, through a series of lectures delivered in entertaining and thought provoking ways. The Nordic Larp Talks have travelled regionally from year to year and over the past 7 years have been held in Stockholm (launch 2010), Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Gothenburg.

Life Action Roleplay is much more complex and multifaceted then you might think: Maury Brown about Larp Bouldering

At last year’s talks in Helsinki, Maury Brown introduced her concept of Larp Bouldering, based on the principles of people centred design. Representing the courage to take your own path over a wall, players must find viable ways to cross the wall, using their own unique combination of values and skills. The approach transcends the more traditional generic view of a player and enforces user appropriate design techniques to be implemented to solve the problem.

The library will close at 7pm and the bar will open at the same time! The programme will commence at 7.30 pm.

Knutepunkt 2017 will celebrate its 20th year in developing and encouraging the Larp concept across Nordic countries in 2017. The conference encourages participation and allows designers and players to meet, learn from each other and further engage in the discourse on Nordic larp. It’s also a chance to review the current state of affairs and examine new concepts, trends and ideas as well as think and collaborate about future directions.

The Nordic Larp Talks will be held on February 22nd leading up to Knutepunkt, the international conference about Larp, taking place between February 23rd and 27th in Kolbotn, just outside of Oslo, Norway. The programme of the talk is available on the Nordic Larp Facebook Page.  You can read more about Knutepunkt festival on the Knutepunkt website.  

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