NU Performance Festival

31.10.2016 |

Performers from across the globe will descend on Tallinn this week to explore themes of sexuality, gender and our relationship with the human body for the NU Performance festival.

Through a carefully curated programme of performance, discussion and installation, the NU performance audiences will experience the intricacies of how these themes are used in contemporary life at the social level, in catalytic form and as political tools.

Experimental performances will feature, as will film screenings and lectures to provoke discussion and engage people in thought about the issues. The complexity of the human experience of gender and sexuality will be deeply explored along with themes of love and loss, personal boundaries and intimacy.  

“I am truly excited that NU Performance Festival 2016 will bring together an amazing group of artists to create the hub for discussion and inspiration, in which ideas can be approached openly and with guts. The aim of NU Performance Festival is to create an intense, occasionally absurd, fun, critical and experimental platform, where important political issues and incredibly personal subjects can be touched upon together.”

Maria Arusoo, Festival Curator

The festival will welcome an exciting range of performers this year, with both local and foreign guests on the programme. Stories from America, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands and Bulgaria will come, with the performers of those nationalities. With that, the diversity of lived cultural experiences will be contrasted against how closely shared our human experiences can be. 

Highlights of the festival include Finnish/Egyptian artist Samira Elagoz’s documentary style performance “Cock, Cock... Who’s There?” on Monday 31st October at 7.30pm. The performance explores her experiences of sexual expression and the need for constant reinvention, with themes of intimacy and violence interwoven through the narrative.   

NU PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2016 Trailer from Kanuti Gildi SAAL.

On Tuesday the 1st of November at 8.30 pm, the musicians will take it up a notch, as New York/Berlin slam poet and performance artist Black Cracker kicks off the set, followed by the main act Peaches (Berlin). Through her trademark blend of electronic beats and mixed genres, she will bring her usual sexually charged ferocity to the stage. Peaches’ set will be followed by a DJ set from Estonian singer songwriter Maria Minerva.

NU Performance Festival will be held from October 29th to November 5th at different locations in Estonia’s capital Tallinn.

The festival is produced by the Uue Performance Selts (association) and co-produced by the performance venue Kanuti Gildi Saal.

The programme is available on the NU Performance Festival website and on Facebook. You can read more about the festival on the NU Performance Festival website.  

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