One BSR Final Conference

03.09.2014 |

Today the One BSR final conference takes place in Helsinki (Finland) which marks the end of the project. ARS Baltica representatives will be on side when the achievements of One BSR and the future perspectives of the BSR will be discussed.



After two years of collaboration investors and partners from all over the Baltic Sea Region who worked together at the One BSR project meet today for the Final Conference in the House of Science and Letters in Helsinki (Finland). Under the theme “Baltic Sea Region Global Competitiveness” the final conference calls together project partners, regional stakeholders and policy makers from all levels of governance who will draw a conclusion from the project achievements and discuss about the future measures for the support of the Baltic Sea Region.

The most significant subjects of the conference are derived from the four fundamental aims of the project:

  • Investment Promotion: Increasing the number of foreign investments into the Baltic Sea Region
  • Talent retention: Improving the image of the Baltic Sea Region as an open and skilled higher education area.
  • Tourist attraction: Improving the image of the Baltic Sea Region as travel destination (with a special focus on tourism marketing in the US and Japan)
  • Identity building dialogue: Fuelling the dialogue on BSR branding elements and increasing the understanding of many diverse identities in the Region


Results so far: Over two years One BSR project has generated extensive interaction and understanding between partners and stakeholders through project meetings, forum events, research activities, public-private collaboration, round table discussions and advisory boards. Through the One BSR Destination Guide the actors aim to help tourists find their way into the Baltic Sea. Moreover One BSR developed a Toolkit to keep young talents in the region. And last but not least a blogger network with local bloggers reporting on their daily live in the Baltic Sea Region was built and supports the cultural exchange and mutual understanding in the region.

The conference will be moderated by Verner Christiansen, other important stakeholders are Flemming Stender from the Baltic Development Forum and Marja-Leena Rinkineva as representative for the City of Helsinki which is one of the lead partners. ARS Baltica Head of Secretariat Marcus Hagemann will hold a panel discussion on the subject of identity-building from viewpoint of cultural collaboration.

All in all we are happy about a successful and pathbreaking collaboration and looking forward to use the project results for our continuing work on our vision of the Baltic Sea Region.


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