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11.02.2014 |

The ONE BSR project meeting is today in Riga (Latvia), and the new film on BSR Talent will be presented to the team for the first time. It was created during the 3rd Policy Round-Table Discussion in Gdansk (Poland) on BSR Talent Retention, last October.

Although the round-table discussion was about Talent Retention, the film has another main focus. The focus is on the talents themselves, young people who are successful in their fields of study and work.  They are from different nations surrounding the BSR and beyond the region as well. Some of them came to study and work in the region, some of them are natives, yet they all take pride in their respective Baltic Sea nation:

  • Timo from Finland studied European Urban Cultures at multiple universities in the Region and abroad, including University of Helsinki and Estonian Academy of Arts, and recently his Helsinki blog was selected among the best city blogs in the world by The Guardian.
  • Anna from Russia holds a PhD in Biotechnology, and currently works as a post-doctoral researcher in the Division of Pharmacology at Uppsala University in Sweden, with her Swedish Institute scholarship.
  • Marvin from Uganda currently studies Public Health in Sweden at Lund University with his Swedish Institute Scholarship, and continues into his seventh year advocating for Youth Sexuality, Life Skills, and Reproductive Health education in Uganda.
  • Maciej from Poland studied law in Poland and in Germany with his German Academic Exchange (DAAD) scholarship, interned with the Embassy of Poland in Sweden and is now a lawyer in Gdansk.

These talents were asked personal questions about their dreams for the future, how they would define “talent”, or what the Region means to them. This film intends to shine a new light on today’s talented Baltic Sea Region community, who tackle some of the toughest challenges society is facing.

Learn about their dreams and aspirations, and what motivates them while enjoying beautiful Gdansk in the background. They share their opinions, their stories – what do you share in common with them?

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The ONE BSR project ( is an umbrella project, within the framework of the Baltic Sea Region Programme and the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, for branding the Baltic Sea Region, with which various stakeholders can get attached. It aims to produce elements for the Baltic Sea Region image and identity. Lead Partner for the tourism project is Hamburg Tourist Board. Partners are Helsinki, Riga, Warsaw, Vidzeme University Latvia and St. Petersburg (associated).

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