Online Bassoon-Saloon #stayathome

30.04.2020 |

Join the large and global bassoon-saloon orchestra without any personal contact during the COVID-19 situation.

The Bassoon-Saloon is an offer of the music department at Nordkolleg Rendsburg where participants can play thei bassoon in an ensemble without any personal contact until their own orchestra is able to rehearse again or their lessons can re-start after the long break.

After the registration user receive all needed information, literature and sound recordings in MP3 by mail. By hearing these recordings they can play their voice at the bassoon and record the entire video, which should be sent back to Nordkolleg to join the large and global bassoon-saloon orchestra.

Video can be sent via WhatsApp, Telegram, WeTransfer or Dropbox to the email address: bassoon-saloon(via) After receiving the videos a video with all participants will be created and shown publicly on Youtube.

128 participants from Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Italy, Cyprus, England Scotland, Hong Kong, Singapor and USA are already taking part in Bassoon-Sallon. Watch the first and second Bassoon-Saloon videos to get inspired.

If you are also interested in singing in a choir without any personal contact, visit Nordkolleg's online Wohnzimmerchor (living roomchoir).

The Nordkolleg is an academy for cultural education in Rendsburg and a conference centre centrally located in Schleswig-Holstein (North Germany). Literature & media, music, culture economy as well as languages & communication are at the focus of the academy.

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