Open Call "A-Confined Place" by A-Place

19.05.2020 |

A-Place is announcing “A-Confined Place”, an interdisciplinary initiative, in the form of a repository that records, envisions and triggers actions and experiences about the sense of place during the period of confinement.

The current Covid-19 crisis may have temporarily limited the activities in physical space, yet the capacity to produce meaningful spaces, that is places, has not disappeared.

A-Place invites to reflect and share the experience in the confined places –using mixed techniques including texts and storytelling, drawings, photomontages and photographs, audio-visual works and performances– along two categories:

1. #ARediscoveredPlace
The experience of time and space in everyday lives during the time of confinement. Expressions and visualisations of life under this new reality, as we re-invent our homes, our gardens, balconies, and rooftops into new places to host new activities; and rediscover the potential and aesthetic qualities of emptied streets, and public spaces.

2. #AReimaginedPlace
Newly discovered forms of place and community in physical and digital space at times of social distancing. Actions and events that transform and/or reimagine spaces and cityscapes, triggering a new sense of place and solidarity in communities.

Works can be posted on A-Place's Facebook event or at Instagram with a project title, in the format of A________Place (fill in the blank) to give a title to the work, accompanied with a small descriptive text (max 100 words).

Following hashtags have to be included:
#aplace #aConfinedPlace #CreativeEuropeAtHome #placemaking #yourcity #yourcountry #category
For example, if you are posting a project about the transformation of a place in Nicosia, Cyprus:
#aplace #aConfinedPlace #CreativeEuropeAtHome #placemaking #Nicosia #Cyprus #AReimaginedSpace

A multidisciplinary jury composed of A-Place project partners, will be appointed to select three winners in each category.

Three selected works in each category will be awarded 500, 300, and 200 euros respectively.

The jury will determine the winners in each category according to the following criteria:
- the capacity to artistically express the sense of place during the confinement with a particular media
- the potential of the performed action to transform physical and social space during the time of confinement, and beyond
- the social impact of the action, and its capacity to reinforce ties between the community
- the communicative value of the work in the social media

A-Place will disseminate the submitted entries through the communication channels of the project. The submitted works will be displayed in physical exhibitions following the confinement period.
Authorship of all works will be acknowledged in all instances. Unless otherwise noted, the work will be credited according to your social media profile name.
A-Place does not claim copyright or responsibility for authorship, permissions etc. on the material presented.

Original works, made by individuals or groups and produced during the time of confinement can be submitted until May 31st, 2020.

A-Place is a project co-financed by the Creative Europe programme(2019-2023), dedicated to strengthening the bonds between people and the spaces they inhabit across social and physical boundaries.




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