Open Call ANTI Festival (Finland)

04.01.2021 |

The 20th ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival will take place on 14-19 September 2021 in Kuopio, Finland. The organizers invite artists, working in any field, to propose projects that directly engage with the theme of gifts and giving.

The festival team is seeking to identify between two and five small scale projects. Successful projects will engender engagement with audiences and publics and will have a physical manifestation on the ground in Kuopio. Remote and digital projects can be proposed however an element of the project must engage directly with the festival’s local audience and environment.

Possible areas projects may focus on include:

Public acts of giving
Performance as gift
The object as gift
Discreet giving
Intangible gifts
The gift to mark time
Social care practices
Art as gift

ANTI festival is a discrimination-free event. We do not tolerate racism, ageism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, class discrimination or comments on people’s bodies.The organizers encourage especially artists with diverse and marginalised backgrounds to apply.

The proposal deadline for all proposals is 15.1.2021 at 16.00 (EET/Finnish time). More information about the open call can be found here.

Held annually in Kuopio, Finland, the city hosts the ANTI festival, projects by artists from around the world inhabit the spaces of public life – homes, shops, city squares, business, forests, lakes – and directly engage
communities and audiences in the making and showing of their work. The festival is free to attend.

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