OPEN CALL: Artists in Residency in Kaunas and Novi Sad

02.10.2020 |

The Kaunas Artists' House (Lithuania) and the Kulturni Centar LAB (Serbia) are searching for four artists, two from Lithuania and two from Serbia for the Modernity Residency Programme. The theme of this project is the post WWI architecture and the living on the EXISTENZMINIMUM, the most necessary things a person needs to live in a loft or a house.

The programme called DEMO is going to be divorced into two stages. For the first one the selected artists will do an online research about the minimal human needs for housing during the corona pandemic, they will get guidance of a local expert. This stage is taking place between the 1st November and the 31st December 2020. For the second stage the artists are going to stay in Kaunas or Novi Sad for three weeks in 2021, the concrete date is not fixed yet due to the corona pandemic.

Artists from Serbia and Lithuania are encouraged to apply until the 7th October with project proposals that would reflect on the historical, urban and social developments in terms of living conditions. The artists are expected to develop an interdisciplinary research based project and during the physical residency they get time to realize it using modernist spaces of Kaunas (Kaunas Artists' House) or Novi Sad (Kulturni Centar LAB).

The selected artists will get a fee of 800€, free travel to the residency and back and accommodation and daily allowance for the period of 3 residency weeks in Kaunas and in Novi Sad.

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