Open Call Baltic Nordic Circus Network

14.07.2020 |

Baltic Nordic Circus Network are looking for emerging professionals who want to take a leading role in shaping the future of contemporary circus in the Baltic Nordic region within the New Horizons Leadership Programme.

From September 2020 – May 2021 the New Horizons Leadership Programme cohort of emerging leaders will work with a toolkit, attend seminars and preparatory workshops, read, write, reflect, discuss (online), each carry out a 3 week experience in another country. In May 2021 emerging leaders will also participate in a forum with Baltic Nordic Circus Network as well as international peers and cultural managers to share about their reflections, experiences and ambitions.

Applicants should:
- Be based in a Baltic-Nordic country or Russia
- Speak English and/or a Scandinavian language
- Be under the age or 30 and working in contemporary circus OR be over 30 and not work in contemporary circus, but in performing arts.
- Be available for a 3 week experience in another country between Oct 2020 – March 2021
- Be available for a training session 22nd-23rd of September
- Participate in a public forum May 2021 – dates TBA

Following organisations that will host emerging leaders in their organisation:

Cirkus Cirkör works since 1995 both artistically and educationally and our core values are: cooky commitment, quality madness and collective individualism.

CircusInfo Finland provides information services on professional circus in Finland. It supports the artistic and cultural development of Finnish circus through its strong networks, promotional activities and mentoring.

Reykjavík Dance Festival (RDF) is an international centre for choreographic practices in Iceland – seeking to curate an all year round conversation with its audiences – through the artists we present, support and produce.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline 8 August 2020. Detailed information can be found here.

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