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CIRCUS WITHOUT CIRCUS is an interdisciplinary research project for artists from the circus field and from all other artistic fields. 16 individual European artists, 8 from the circus field and 8 from other artistic fields, will be selected for a residency programme.

The residency programme is aimed at sparking artistic exchange between disciplines by facilitating one-on-one research residencies. The open call is directed to artists who are at the beginning of their career (but not currently studying)or changing direction in their career. Artists will be paired as duos – 1 artist from the circus field with 1 artist from another field.

Each participant will take part in two two 12-day residencies between spring 2021 and summer 2023, each residency with a new artist from another field. The duo will work together focusing on the process of cross-disciplinary collaboration through exchanging, sharing, experimenting and researching. The residencies will be hosted by the project partners, taking place in Belgium, Croatia, Denmark and France.

Selected artists should be open for collaboration, experimentation and sharing, with the artists within their duo and with the mentors/facilitators they will meet as part of the support programme, as well as with the general public and professionals.

The project will cover travel expenses, accommodation and food (travel by train is encouraged) as well as a fee of €170 brutto per working day during the residencies. The project will provide a working space, support programme, and technical support.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 3 December 2020. For full details of the application process see the CIRCUS WITHOUT CIRCUS website.

CIRCUS WITHOUT CIRCUS is an interdisciplinary residency programme for artists from Belgium, Croatia, Denmark and France, organised by 8 partner organisations and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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