Open Call Dystopie Sound Art Festival

18.06.2020 |

The Dystopia Festival will take place 16 Oct – 1 Nov 2020 and bring diverse sound art viewpoints together in an exhibition that deals with current dystopian moments, as well as those of an imagined future. This year's festival guest country will be Brazil. In addition to artists from Brazil, the festival organizers invite sound artists from Europe to submit new or existing works that deal with the topic of “dystopia” in the broadest sense.

Dystopias have gained immense importance in recent years. Not only in fiction, but also in reality, the dystopian signals have been increasing, whether by authoritarian-led states, in threats posed by global Internet corporations, by drastic climate developments – or, most recently, by the corona pandemic.

With the open call the organizers would like to offer sound artists the opportunity to develop new works that react to these dystopian signals and express them in different sound-artistic perspectives, whereby “sound-artistic” explicitly may include visual, object-like and space-related means in addition to sound. Installation works are prefered due to the uncertain situation regarding Corona.

The Alte Münze (Old Mint) in Berlin-Mitte serves as the main exhibition venue, with cellars and vaults in very different sizes. The Errant Sound gallery space is available for the additional exhibition of works, and especially the path between these two locations, on the banks of the Spree, offers locations where sound artistic interventions in public space are possible (depending on permission). For Alte Münze and on the banks of river Spree site-specific works are welcome.

The open call is opened for sound artists living in the European region. Climate-friendly travel by train is preferable – if at all possible. The festival is organized by Errant Sound – an artist run project space, not an institution. Therefore only a limited budget is available:

Artist fee for existing works: 500€
Artist fee for new works produced for the festival: 1500€
Production budget: 1500€ on average per project, including costs for materials and special equipment (also rented equipment). If your project will be selected a precise cost calculation will be needed
Transportation, travel and accomodation costs will be covered by the festival. Save our climate: if possible please come by train and avoid flights

The application deadline is July 1st 2020. Detailed information can be found here.

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