Open Call EASTEAST Magazine

06.11.2020 |

EastEast Magazine is an english-russian bilingual online magazine about history and contemporary culture. The publication is currently inviting artists, researchers, scholars, thinkers, and writers to offer up projects and stories based around the theme of its upcoming issue: (no) borders.

The ongoing corona pandemic has shown that state borders are so much more tangible right now and because of that the next edition of the EastEast magazine will feature the theme: (no) borders. The magazine wants to deal with following questions: What is the function and meaning of borders? Which borders are benign and which are malign? How can we cross real and imaginary borders? Who sets the borders? Is it possible to live in a world without borders? How can we overcome the borders of individualistic society? How do humans and nonhumans live within and without borders?

To answer these questions EastEast is looking for authors that will create materials about this topic, that will be featured in the EastEast magazine. There will be three winning authors whose work will be published in the February 2021 issue and who will get 250 USD as a honorarium. There will be the chance for five authors to publish the materials in the EastEast but they won't get a honorarium. The deadline for the applications is the 20 November 2020.

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