Open Call European Festival for Perfoming Arts transeuropa

01.10.2020 |

transeuropa, an European Festival for Perfoming Arts being rooted in Hildesheim, Germany is looking for six guest-performances for its 10th anniversary taking place from 25 - 30 May 2021.

In order to react to the pandemic‘s impeding conditions shaping current work, transeurope focuses on the structural and programmatic room that artists nowadays have to maneuver within, abiding safety precautions to prevent further spread of SARS-CoV-19. Therefore, the festival is keen for art that takes place digitally or works decentralized, without the need to travel or physical presence of artists and audience. But depending on the situation in May 2021, we will transform the festivals structure as much as required in order to make an on-site- festival in Hildesheim possible.

The open call is directed to artists who live and work in europe and are dealing artistically with the subject of collectivity and future. The organizers particularly encourage artists who are black, indigenous, artists of colour, or artists who identify as trans and/or nonbinary to apply.

The festival should be nondiscriminatory space to work within. Therefore, the team decided that German language skills should not be a necessity. The submitted pieces should be adaptable to the rules of distance and hygiene.

The festival offers as alary and (if necessary and the pandemic impacts allow travelling as well as physical presence)
 travel expenses, accommodation during the festival, food during the festival.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 30 October. More information can be found here.

transeuropa works in a realm between artistic experience and aesthetic research.

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