Open Call for female Curators

08.09.2020 |

The Katarzyna Korzya Founation in cooperation with MeetFactory, Easttopics and Björnsonova wants to take a closer look on eastern European art done by women by interviewing artist and inspecting statements about art from the female perspective.

The Katazyna Korzya Foundation (Poland) works in cooperation with MeetFactory (Czech Republic), Easttopics (Hungary) and Björnsonova (Slovakia) on the project called "Secondary Archive" and it gets financial support by the Visegrad Fund.

Until September 15th young females from the Visegrad states can apply at the Katarzyna Korzya Fondation for the job as a curator. These curators will work ins teams for each country. Every team has to interview female artist from the Visegard states and write articles about them, they will focus on three generation of artist. The first generation ends in 1989, the second includes the artists who were active right after the fall of the Soviet Unioun and the last one includes the artists who were born after 1989. Each selected curator gets a cash grant of 1000 euro.

The Project will start on the 15th October and ends on the 15th December 2020. The aim of thist project is to promote, discover and rediscover artist and their art and to build a cooperartion between professionals and institutions from the different countries.

The Katarzyna Korzyra Foundation was founded in June 2012 in Warsaw and its aim is to help with the local and trans-regional development by promoting art and culture through exhibitions, conducting poduction and publishing activities. The foundation is named after the artist Katarzyna Kozyra, she is a sculptor, photographer, auther and more. She is also the president of the Katazyna Kozyra Foundation.

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