Open Call "Generation A=Algorithm" Residency Programme

03.09.2020 |

The large-scale project "Generation A=Algorithm" of the Goethe-Institut aims to highlight and at the same time critically reflect the technical developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The aim of the project is also to stimulate a public debate on existing approaches, potentials and risks of artificial intelligence within the upcoming generation.


As part of the project "Generation A=Algorithm", thirteen residencies in eleven European countries (Latvia, Germany and Estonia within the Baltic Sea Region) for young artists from Europe (EU countries and UK) are being announced for the period from November 2020 to August 2021.

The residencies are four weeks in duration and are affiliated with an institution or start-up that is intensively involved in the development of artificial intelligence and algorithm-based systems. An opportunity to exhibit artistic works created in the context of the residencies will be offered at the close of the project "Generation A=Algorithm".

The residency programme offers inclusion in the work of an institution or start-up involved with artificial intelligence, inclusion in the network of the Goethe-Institut on location or the Goethe-Institut in the surrounding area and an on-site accommodation.

Young visual artists under 30 years of age, living in EU countries or Great Britain, are eligible to apply.
Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 15 September 2020. For full details of the application process see the Goethe-Institut website.

The project is accompanied by a European A(i)lliance, which is composed of a wide range of European institutions and interest groups (civil society, culture, science). 

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