Open Call Giga-Hertz Award 2020

27.04.2020 |

Since 2007, the Giga-Hertz Award for electronic music and soundart has been jointly awarded by the ZKM | Hertz-Lab (formerly Institute for Music and Acoustics in in Karlsruhe, Germany) and the SWR Experimentalstudio.

The Giga-Hertz Award is endowed with a total of 20,000€ prize money. A main prize for lifetime achievement (10,000€) is decided by jury without an application process. However, two internationally oriented Giga-Hertz Production Prizes, endowed with 5000€, are selected on the basis of an open call. These serve to initiate and promote new projects.

Candidates are judged on the basis of a composition not more than five years old and a proposal for a new projected work. The focus of the Production Awards is to honour a work, and not a person. The competition is advertised publicly each year and is open to composers of all ages.

All compositions submitted should meet at least one of the following criteria:

Compositions using live electronics
Composition for fixed media
Mixed music
Concert installation
Transmedial composition
Experimental sound performance
Interdisciplinary performance (with relevant music or sound components)

The Production Award consists of a project realization grant with which the award winners realise their submitted project at the ZKM | Hertz-Lab in Karlsruhe or the SWR Experimentalstudio. This includes technical support and guidance by the studio.

The winners will receive 2000 € directly as a scholarship. In addition, they can use up to 3000 € as a production grant for the costs incurred during the production and premiere of the new work. The world premiere of the new work will take place exclusively within the framework of the Giga-Hertz-Prize Festival.

The production grant will cover travel costs to/from the studio and to the premiere, as well as board and lodging during the production work, but also any fees incurred. The jury decides on the basis of aesthetic and practical criteria whether the proposed work will be realised in the ZKM | Hertz-Lab or in the SWR Experimentalstudio.

The working stay should last at least two months at the ZKM | Hertz_Lab or two to four weeks at the SWR Experimentalstudio. It is planned to premiere the new work in the following year during the award ceremony of the Giga-Hertz Prize and possibly broadcast it on radio.

The open call deadline is May 29th, 2020. Detailed information can be found here. Read about the winners of the Giga Hertz Award 2019 winners.

The ZKM (Center for art and media Karlruhe) was founded in 1989 with the mission of continuing the classical arts into the digital age. From the very beginning, it has also taken on the task of creating the conditions for the creation of works of art, whether by guest artists or employees of the house - for this reason it is called a centre and not a museum. Visit ZKM on Facebook or Twitter.

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