Open Call "In VR we trust"

10.09.2020 |

The two-part exhibition "In VR we trust" aims to reflect on the current status and future value of virtual reality as an artisitic tool or medium on the basis of four critical positions and at the same time to enable a public discussion about it. The organizers are looking for works of artistically working people that critically deal with questions around virtual reality.

The four selected positions will each be shown for one day at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf (13-16 May 2021) and at the Nudel in Zeitz (22-25 April 2021) in discursive exhibitions. These will be accompanied by discussions, lectures and an intensive exchange with the other artists. 

The open call is addressed to artistically working people of all self-definitions with works that critically deal with one or more of the following questions and perhaps offer answers:

Why should artists deal with VR? What actual added value does VR have for art and for our society?
Is VR inherently different from previous “new media” (360° film, before that 3D film, before that film, before that photography) or is it simply a new form in a gradual development?
How can we understand VR as an already mature, grown-up medium?
How can the fractures between analogue and virtual reality be discussed primarily or even entirely from virtual reality and not from the analogue?
What can VR art look like that primarily triggers an artistic and not a media experience?

The continuous presence at both exhibitions is required. The project will be accompanied by conversations, discussions and links on

A total fee of 500€ will be paid for the two exhibitions. In addition, there is a maximum of 150€ each for travel expenses; simple board and lodging on site will be provided. The artists commit themselves to be present at both exhibitions on all four days and, if necessary, to be present at the set-up.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 30 September. The short list will be published on 10 October. More information about the can be found here.

“In VR we trust”, curated by Daniel Hengst & Clemens Schöll, is a project of THIS IS FAKE, in cooperation with plusnull e.V., supported by the innogy foundation.

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