Open Call Interdisciplinary Film / Performance / Installation Art @ Hungry Eyes Festival

13.07.2020 |

For its fourth edition, Hungry Eyes Festival is once again looking for artistic works that situate themselves at the intersection of film, performance and installation art and that question film in an interdisciplinary way. This year's festival will take place 5-7 February 2021 in the urban exhibition space KiZ (Kultur im Zentrum) in Gie├čen, Germany, and poses the question of how cinematic works can relate to, as well as challenge that space.

hungry eyes festival is a festival at the intersection of film, performance, and installation art. It emerged in 2017 from the film festival Filmsommer and has since sharpened its profile as an interdisciplinary festival that questions film and cinematic work not only on the screen, but also in performative and installation contexts. By changing the venues within the city of Giessen, each issue has a different focus in this examination. The festival program consists of several short film series as well as installative and performative positions.

The program of this year's hungry eyes festival consisting of short film series, performative and installative works will explore what constitutes the medium film and how cinemato-graphic elements and working methods can be translated into other media. What can cinematic work mean in the context of installation art and performances if it does not only mean the playing of audiovisual clips? To what extent can also a short film address its own form and play with performative elements? From a ballet of overhead projectors, an exhibition with flip-books to a silent movie screening with virtual reality glasses – everything is possible.

The organizers are looking for:

  • Short film: any kind of short film, regardless of the year and country of production. There are no thematic restrictions.
  • Short film for the trash–night: films that take themselves seriously in their unseriousness and do not take themselves too seriously in their seriousness – that develop their artistic potential beyond technical skills – that have failed in their own ambitions or have never been finished – that deal with film and their own artistic position in an unpretentious and self-ironic way. 
  • Installation art: installation art that relates in content and/or form to film, visual media, image spaces or projections and can be realized in an exhibition space.
  • Performance: performative formats that relate in content and/or form to film, visual media, image spaces or projections and can be realized in the exhibition space. It is not necessarily required to work with video technology. 

Since the organizational team is particularly interested in interdisciplinary works, they also encourage artists to apply with projects that do not fit perfectly into one of these categories.

The festival will cover travel and transport costs. For short films, the organizers can pay the travel costs for one artist per film. If required, they will organise accommodation in private flats.

The open call deadline is 31st August 2020. Details about how to apply can be found here.

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