Open Call Music WorX 2020

17.06.2020 |

The Music WorX Accelerator enters a new round in 2020: Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is looking for innovative business models at the interface between music and technology that can help the music industry take a step into a digital future and help to overcome the crisis.

­Locked concert halls, canceled festivals, deserted dance floors - the corona crisis shakes the (live) music industry. Alternative revenue and business models are needed.

Music WorX is one of the few accelerators worldwide that explicitly addresses start-ups and founders from the music industry. Every year, up to four young companies are financially supported in a compressed, three-month program. The teams work intensively on the further development of their business idea with the support of experts and mentors from the Hamburg music industry. 

Teams participating in the Music WorX Accelerator benefit from various services and advantages:
- Financial support / Each team receives €5,000 for support services to develop their business idea
- Cost-of-living allowance / Every team receives €1,500 per month as a subsidy for living costs of it team members
- Individual Coaching / According to their needs, the participating teams receive an individually designed qualification program in the form of workshops and individual consultations
- Networking and flexible coworking workplaces

Whether the accelerator will take place in an analog, digital or hybrid format, depends on the development of the Corona situation in Europe.

Applications are open to founders from all over Europe whose innovative business concepts have a high chance of being realised. Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is particularly looking for teams who have not yet founded their company or have only recently founded it.

During the program, the working focus will be in Hamburg. After the program, it is desirable that the company headquarters remain in Hamburg and/or that relevant business relationships are maintained and expanded in Hamburg. Music WorX is financed and organised by the public sector but cooperates very closely with a large number of companies from the music industry.

The application deadline is 13 July. More information can be found here.

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