Open Call Nordic Talks

29.05.2020 |

"Nordic Talks" are looking for new creative partnerships and projects with a high level of international PR potential. Projects that will help leverage the strategy for the international branding and positioning of the Nordic Region – The Nordics.

‘Nordic Talks’ is a series of talks addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through current affairs that capture the essence of Nordic themes and issues. It is a branded talk-concept designed to help you strengthen your Nordic event and spark global conversations that matter.

A Nordic Talk can be held anywhere, anytime. It can be held in connection to existing events like festivals and conferences, and can be hosted locally by Nordic diplomatic missions abroad, NGOs, universities, creative minds and other partners worldwide.

The Nordic talk event should be recorded and sended to the Nordic Council of Ministers. The best recordings will be edited into professional podcast episodes. The podcast will be shared with you along with material that makes it easy for you to share it with relevant stakeholders in your network.

You can apply for three different grants: Small, Medium or Large:

The Small Nordic Talk grant is for applicants, who have an idea of a Nordic Talk that doesn’t necessarily need a big live audience. A Medium Nordic Talk could be the medium sized event with 2 x three talkers and a moderator on a stage in a university auditorium with audience of 100 people. A Large Nordic Talk grant coule be used for a special venue, a line-up with a-list speakers or perhaps an idea for a series of Nordic Talks over a longer period of time – with or without audience.

Internal (within Nordic co-operation) and external organizations, Nordic diplomatic missions abroad, NGOs, universities, creative minds, networks and other companies worldwide can apply. The application process is divided into two rounds. The first round runs from April 1st to July 31st. The second runs from August 1st to November 30th.

Detailed information can be found here.

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