Open Call Per­for­mance Phi­los­o­phy Prob­lems 2021

14.09.2020 |

The fifth international conference "Performance Philosophy Problems 2021. How Does Performance Philosophy Collaborate?" will take place on 9-12 June 2021 in Helsinki. In addition to individual and panel presentations, the conference organisers invite participants for a new organisational model in which keynote speakers will be replaced by collective agencies: key groups (KGs).

The main questions that will be discussed during "Performance Philosophy Problems 2021" (PPP21) are:

  • What kinds of problems does working in the field of performance philosophy lead us to encounter and to articulate, and what tools does it provide to deal with them?
  • What kinds of problems in the contemporary world require an interdisciplinary dialogue between philosophy and performance, philosophers and performing artists?
  • What kind of burning or smouldering problems does the contemporary or historical field of performance present to you as an artist, researcher, performer, spectator or educator? What are their philosophical implications and how can philosophy help to deal with them?
  • Is there thinking within performance that presents problems that standard philosophy cannot approach, let alone solve? Are there philosophical problems that can only be detected and processed in and through performance philosophy?


In addition to individual and panel presentations, the conference will introduce a new organisational model in which the habitual ‘keynote speakers’ will be replaced by collective agencies, key groups (KGs). The KGs will be created around a common problem. Each group may consist of artists, scholars, researchers, educators and other experts from within or outside academia. 

The conference invites its participants – artists, philosophers, scholars, artist-researchers and performance philosophers, regardless of their particular genre, school or discipline – to articulate the range of performance philosophy problems whose treatment calls for dialogue and collaboration between philosophy and the performing arts. Already existing working groups, including those from other associations, are welcome to apply.

The Performance Philosophy network invites applications from artists and scholars who identify as black, indigenous, and/or a person of colour for a £1000 (approx. $1300) bursary to participate in the biennial. This bursary will be transferred to the selected artist/scholar in January 2021 and can be used for any conference expenses at the discretion of the recipient.

Besides the KG proposals, the conference also welcomes individual proposals for paper presentations, no-paper presentations, lecture demonstrations, lecture performances, workshops, panels and other interventions fitting with the focus of the event and the given circumstances.

PPP21 will be held in central Helsinki in the facilities of Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy, Helsinki Music Centre and Oodi library. It seeks to pay particular attention to access: to meet the needs of diverse participants; to take into account cultural and linguistic differences and to provide an environment that ensures a safe and respectful encounter between all participants.

The deadline for all proposals is 15 December 2020. More information about the Open Call can be found here.

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