Open Call SciArt Residency 2021

13.01.2021 |

SciArt Residency encourges proposals by artists and enthusiasts who are aiming to develop a body of work based on creation, collaboration and experimentation within an artistic research process.

SciArt Residency is a residency programme jointly established by Kalamari Klub and IsoQuant. The SciArt Residency programme aims to initiate curiosity-driven engagement between artists, scientists and other members of the society. Contact persons within IsoQuant and Kalamari Klub will be available to support collaboration, the resident will be given the opportunity to further develop their research project and focus on their work.The programme’s approach ia an „open prospect“: the form, process and outcome of the residency is entirely up to the artist and their collaborators. 

The organizers are offering the access to fully equipped darkroom laboratory, a network of scientists, physicists and artists, accomodation, coverage of travel and material costs during the residency as well as an artist stipend of 700€ / month.

The application is open to all artists and photographers working with analogue and experimental photography, as well as all those who are working within science-influenced art and photography. While affinity for scientific topics is of advantage, no science knowledge is required.The residency is scheduled for September to October 2021 and located in Heidelberg, Germany.

The open call deadline is 28 February. Detailed information can be found here.

Kalamari Klub is an international artists’ collective for the celebration of analogue photography. The collective has been promoting and supporting local and international artists through festivals, exhibitions, workshops and a residency programme since 2016.

IsoQuant is a Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) at the University of Heidelberg focusing on Isolated Quantum Systems and Universality in Extreme Conditions.

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