Open Call TANZAHOi International Dance and Dance Film Festival

19.02.2021 |

The TANZAHOi International Dance and Dance Film Festival is bringing international dance productions to the German city of Hamburg. This year’s edition called "Take Part in Another World" is going to take place online via a livestream.

The festival sees the livestream as an interesting challenge for the productions and a sustainable future opportunity for the arts. The audience's limited view must be bypassed through excellent camera work with more than one camera and a good choreography that brings a dynamic into the livestream.

Until 31 March 2021 productions can be proposed for the festival to get a grant of 4.000€. These productions require to have a visual concept with at least two cameras and should already have secures funding for the performance.

The livestreams will take place between 3 - 5 September 2021 during the festival. Besides the livestreams there also will be a screening of short films about the art of dancing. Until 31 March 2021 short films between 1 and 30 minutes long can be proposed to the festival team. Every film will get a screening fee of 150€ and there will be an audience voting for the best films. The five best film will get an additional 150€ prize.

TANZAHOi is an international dance festival hosted for the first time in Hamburg in 2018 with the participation of over 100 international dancers and choreographers. TANZAHOi is an independent group, created and carried out by artists who wish to cooperate others with the same passion we know goes into the creation of an artistic work.

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