Open Call UP Grants for European Socio-cultural Centres

07.01.2021 |

The European Network of Cultural Centres introduces its UP Grants, a microgrant scheme open to all socio-cultural centres throughout Europe, that aims to support sustainability initiatives already in place, in order to boost them, provide visibility and inspire others.

The European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC) is launching a scheme called "UP Grants" that aims to open socio-cultural centres all across Europe. The project has five strands: sustainable mobility, ethical digitalisation / reduction of digital carbon footprint, lifecycle / recycling / circular economy, social sustainability, environmentally sustainability. With Up Grants the ENCC aims to support sustainable initiatives and socio-cultural centres with innovative projects.

Until 10 February 2021 all ENCC members, members of ENCC networks, and non-profit socio-cultural centres in Europe can submit their proposals. Five proposals from five different applicants are getting accepted, each selected applicant will get funding of 3.000€. The selected applicants will be shown on the website and other communication channels of the ENCC.

The proposals are asked to fit in the five strands, contribute to reaching new target groups, be innovative and have a clear impact. From March to June 2021 the selected projects will be implemented, the ENCC awaits a small projects report on the end of July.

The ENCC represents over 5,000 cultural centres throughout Europe, with programmes and activities that aim to empower them and their communities. The ENCC's core values are cultural equality, interculturalism, cultural democratisation and active citizenship through participation in cultural activities.

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"Culture includes not only culture and arts, but also the way of life and system of values. In this sense culture becomes the major power for intellectual renewal and human perfection." (European Council Report on European Cultural Policy)