Open House Vilnius Architecture Festival

28.04.2020 |

Open House Vilnius will once again open the doors of more than 60 of its most unique and impressive buildings for public viewing. This year's festival has been postponed to July 11th-12th due to the recent development of COVID-19.

Open House Vilnius was started in 2015, joining the city with more than 30 others worldwide who take part in the global event Open House worldwide, which was started in London almost 3 decades ago.

From Barcelona to New York, Rome to Helsinki, and now Vilnius to London, the event sees the doors of some of the world’s most outstanding architectural treasures open for free for just one weekend. The main purpose of the event is to create an opportunity for everyone to take an interest in architecture, to involve the public in discussions about the quality of the architecture and the environment, while helping people to understand and learn about these buildings and spaces through direct experience.

During such weekends, the buildings in Vilnius that have a remarkable architectural quality as well as special significance to the city and its communities are opened to the public. The programme includes tours of buildings guided by volunteers, the building architects and “residents”.

Open House Vilnius is organised by the voluntary, non-governmental and not for profit public institution “ArchitektÅ«ros fondas”.

This year's festival has been moved to July 11th-12th due to the recent development of COVID-19 . Please visit Open House Vilnius website or Facebook site for updated information.

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