Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival

19.10.2012 |

From 19 to 25 November 2012 the 31st ARS BALTICA accredited festival "Oulo International Children’s and Youth Film Festival" will take place in Oulo (Finland), presenting a wide range of film genres for children from 3 up to 13.

Founded in 1982 the festival is annually held in the middle of November – during the darkest winter days – for one week. It has established itself as a premier showcase for the high-profile Nordic and international children’s and youth cinema.

The Finnish Survey presents new Finnish production and is a forum for the local professionals. The Kaleidoscope program brings far-away countries near to the local audience. For children and teachers there will be seminars on media literacy, various exhibitions and animation and game workshops.

This year American children’s film will be in the spotlight presenting brand new American movies and old classics to create a familiar atmosphere. Also this year the 100th anniversary of Estonian film will be celebrated as well as the 100th birthday of Jiri Trnka and his puppet animations.

The festival offers a big variety of different films: Feature films, short films, documentaries, youth films covering problems of the everyday life, comedy films and more. Also some prizes will be awarded, e.g. the Kaleva award which will be awarded by a jury of children.


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