PRAKSIS Residency Open Call

12.04.2018 |

Oslo’s PRAKSIS is now accepting applications for its 10th residency The Collective Subject of History, which will be held in two sessions in June/July and September this year. The closing date for applications is next Tuesday 22nd April.

PRAKSIS is a Norwegian non-profit organisation, established to support creative professionals and communities in their pursuit of engaging and impactful artistic collaborations and exchanges.   

Their residencies are held every year and individuals with relevant interest in the subject matter – from artists, writers, curators, and art historians, to sociologists, anthropologists, designers, and activists – are welcome to apply.

This year’s residency The Collective Subject of History will focus on the archive of Norwegian painter Guttorm Guttormsgaard, held in a former dairy in a small village 30 minutes outside of Oslo. The archive features a collection of works from some of the art world’s great masters including El Lissitzky, Hannah Ryggen and Hokusai, as well as historically significant pieces produced by WWII Soviet prisoners of war and Romani Scandinavian travellers, along with unique objects such as hand-drawn Korans and Coptic bibles, Indian bronze figures, African masks, and Greenlandic newspapers.

The residency will be held in two parts – session one from The 25th of June to the 8th of July, working directly with the archive, and session two from the 7th to the 21st of September, focusing on developing on outcomes from the previous session. Participants will also have access to Guttormsgaard himself as well as art historian and curator Ellef Prestsæter, who will both be available to share their extensive knowledge of the archive.

The final result of the residency will be an exhibition in September to be held at the archive. There will also be other activities and events arranged in association with the residency.   

Applications are open to a wide range of interest and experience levels, and the residency places are for one non-local resident and up to six local residents. English fluency is required as well as a willingness to engage in the communal atmosphere through shared discussions, meals, events, and interactions with the local community.  

More details about the residency, including dates, activities and events, accommodation, food, transport, and eligibility requirements can be found here on the website. The closing date for applications to be received is midnight on Wednesday 22nd April 2018.  

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