Residency in ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics (Berlin), Deadline October 13th

25.09.2019 |

A new call for applications is out by the ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin. The residency is open to artists, scholars and practitioners that engage with questions concerning the phenomenon of the city. It welcomes a broad variety of contemporary artistic positions, ranging from conceptual to interventionist as well as contextual.

ZK/U is a laboratory for inter- and trans-disciplinary actions that deal with the topic and everything concerning ‘the city’. Its aim is to promote international exchange on global issues, in the light of what is happening in one’s own backyard. The work at ZK/U is informed by theoretical and practice-based critiques developed in the disciplines of geography, anthropology, urban planning, architecture and the humanities.

Applicants should have a broad record of projects and exhibitions as well as some years of professional experiences. It is possible to apply individually or as a group for a residency. Collaborations that combine the work of artists with scholars or practitioners from other disciplines will be especially welcome.

Within the frame of this Open Call, ZK/U invites applications around its current discourses of the conceptual framework and additionally encourages investigations into the following themes: 

·       alternative practices of knowledge production, mediation and new formats of cross-sectoral conversations

·       inclusive modes of engagement in democratic decision-making processes and grassroot movements

·       connecting global communities through strategies of local non-monetary economies and digital governance

·       prototyping digital and spatial infrastructure for a future based on the common good

The residency will include amongst other things a studio-apartment for living and working, access to communal spaces, a special residency program of weekly dinners, monthly studio visits and bi-monthly open studio events, promotion of the fellows’ work online and locally.

For individual fellows the residence fees are between €550 and €850 a month, which will depend d on the studio-apartment and the overall duration of the stay. The residency period may vary from eight to 8 months. It can take place within the next two years after the applicant receives a confirmation.

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