Showbox: festival of performing arts for children and young people

27.11.2017 |

Scenekunstbruket’s 13th annual Performing Arts Festival ‘Showbox’ launches today for the youth of Oslo and will present a range of events and activities across the city all week until Saturday.

Showbox was founded in 2005 and is held every December in Oslo, bringing a diverse range of performances experiences and opportunities to the young people of Oslo. The festival encourages artists and performing arts professionals to showcase their skills and interests, by way of encouraging Norwegian youth to engage in performing arts activities and careers in the future. The term performing arts encompasses a range of disciplines which include but are in no way limited by dance and theatre. The festival focuses on works from a variety of genres, geared towards younger audiences.

Those attending the festival can enjoy lectures, seminars and discussions, and Showbox places an emphasis on networking and engaging with others with future projects in mind. You can even keep track of the festival from afar, by way of a blog, created and contributed to by teenagers participating in Showcase. The blog will feature updates on festival events, reviews of shows, and thoughts and reflections.   

Showbox will be held from Monday 27th of November to Saturday 2nd December at multiple venues in Oslo, Norway. The festival is organised by Scenekunstbruket - The Norwegian Touring Network for Performing Arts and the programme is available here online from Showbox (in English and Norwegian)

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