Sounds of the North

16.07.2014 |

From the 16th to 20th of July in Gdansk (Poland), experience the Sounds of the North, a folk music festival dedicated to strengthening regional and national identity of the Baltic Sea Region.

With a special focus on the Baltic Sea Region nations, Sounds of the North has since its establishment strived to preserve and more recently to revive folk roots. Although Sounds of the North contains mainly Baltic Sea Region folk music, other not commonly heard folk sounds are annually brought to the festival.

Open'er Festival | (c) P. Tarasewicz/Alter Art
© Sounds of the North 2012

Buryats, Yakuts, Chukchees, Karelians, Mordvins, Tuvans and Saami, are the lesser known music styles. Folk bands from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greenland, Ireland, Russia and Poland will also perform in the program. There will also be jazz and rock music concerts toward the end of the festival.

Sounds of the North fuses traditional and modern Northern folk music for a spectacle that is only experienced during summer time on the Polish-Baltic coast.  The festival prides itself on its open-attitude and always encourages experimentation through inspiration by their own and other cultures.

More information is available on the website

Open'er Festival | (c) T. Kamiński   Open'er Festival | © T. Kamiński
© Sounds of the North 2012
  © Sounds of the North 2012

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