South Tyrol Jazz Festival

25.06.2018 |

South Tyrol is a long way from the Baltic Sea, but if you make your way to northern Italy this week, you'll find yourself surrounded by Nordic jazz as the South Tyrol Jazz festival kicks off this Friday 29th June.

The South Tyrol Jazz Festival has been running for almost 4 decades and offers some of the world’s most unique performance locations for musicians and audience alike. Performers strap instruments on their backs and hiking boots to their feet so that jazz may weave its way through the mountains and valleys, the piazzas and the palaces. The breathtaking South Tyrol region of Northern Italy offers stunning alpine vistas, rocky mountain scenery and lush green pastures, which all serve as backdrop for some of the 90 concerts held during the festival.

Wondering why we are telling you about a jazz festival in Italy as Baltic news? Well this year’s festival theme is ‘Exploring the North’, with a focus on the Nordic region and its young jazz musicians. From Denmark, Norway and Sweden, to Finland, Iceland and Greenland, the music of the north will delight those in the south as they discover the deep cultural roots of improvised music and Nordic jazz.

A highlight will be the opening concert of the festival with Euregio Collective feat. Pauli Lyytinen and the Nordic Connection. This 18 piece extravaganza made up of musicians from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Austria and Great Britain will play a number of shows throughout the festival which can all be found in the programme.

The festival welcomes around 150 musicians each year from across the world. There is of course an extensive programme of Nordic voices and talent this year and there are over 50 venues to be explored across the whole south Tyrol region.  

The South Tyrol Jazz Festival will be held from Friday 29th June to Sunday 8th July 2018 at various locations around the South Tyrol region. Transport is available to non-urban locations and information about access for performances can be found in the performance listing in the programme.

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