Taike (Arts Promotion Centre Finland) Grants for Mobility deadline

28.06.2018 |

The Taike Arts Promotion Centre in Finland opened its call for applications for a new round of mobility funding in March. The deadline for applications to be received for this funding is Wednesday 15th August 2018 - now just weeks away.

Taike’s grants for mobility are aimed at promoting the movement of artists based in Finland, on a global scale. The grants are open to professional artists, working groups, and art experts, and are intended to support an artists’ plans to travel abroad.

Grants cover the recipient's travel and transport expenses, accommodation, and an artist residency. Ideal applicants will have already made plans and be able to provide an outline of their intentions and anticipated budget.

Applications must be for projects that have a strong foundation idea of artistic merit, and where the attached artist is an arts professional of some kind. Ideally projects will have some level of geographic significance and offer new ideas to the artform, the audiences, and other artists.

Applications should include confirmation of their foreign residency plans abroad, along with a CV. Applications should be clear and detailed with their information and can be submitted via email or on paper. Those selected for the funding will be advised in writing.

The application deadline for the 2018 Taike Arts funding is Wednesday 15th August 2018. For more information, see their website.  

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